Episode 1: Impact of Pandemic, & Meeting People Where They Are 

Welcome to Kidney Transplant Conversations. The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone asking a lot of questions, especially transplant recipients, and those waiting for a transplant. In this episode we discuss the impact of the pandemic, talk about masks and vaccines, and how the pandemic is impacting people with immunosuppression. To explore these subjects, we welcome two guests to the podcast. Firstly, living donor recipient Risa Simon, who will share insights from the transplant patient’s point of view, and then Daryle Blackstock, PA-C, who will talk about the importance of meeting people where they are. 

All views and opinions expressed in this podcast reflect those of the participants.

We thank the participants and advisors who helped create this podcast, and our underwriter, Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.


© Project Advocacy, 2021

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:

TransplantFirst Academy

ASTS Patient Resources 

AST Patient Resources 

NKF Patient Resources 

AAKP Patient Resources

Kinsey's Kidney Adventure by Nadine Morsi

Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington




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